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AQUAGAS, A leader in procurement of high quality construction materials and advanced engineering solutions founded in year 2001, is a specialized Multi-National company providing top of the range materials and cost-effective products.

We are your reliable address for first class pipe installation and water technology systems. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers to bring you the latest technology in the field.

Our Products are designed to give full satisfaction to the most demanding of jobs. They are time enduring and maintenance free.

AQUAGAS Advanced state-of-Art solutions are supervised by a highly qualified team of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the Gulf area and all over the Middle East. They are on a 24-hour stand-by to help solve your piping installation problems.

AQUAGAS and its partners have developed the latest computer software’s’ and installation instructions to guide you in the most economical way to fulfill the most enduring and complicated works. We also provide quality control certificates and warranties up to 50 years

Remember AQUAGAS as your reliable partner for all residential, commercial and industrial developments for:

  • Cold/hot water piping system
  • Cooling/heating systems
  • Cooling and chilled water piping
  • Domestic Pumps solutions
  • Solar water heaters, Thermosyphon and advanced FCK systems.


No matter how complicated and difficult is the installation job AQUAGAS and its partners have a solution.


We are representatives in the Middle East for the world’s leading manufacturers of progressive piping systems, Domestic pumps and solar water heating systems and its related construction products.



a PP-R pipe with minimized eddy losses in the fittings. (POLAND)


is a low noise silent Drainage with three layers of reinforced PPR pipes and fittings.


PEX pipes and fittings. (ITALY)


Advanced pipe & duct fixing technologies. (GERMANY)


Stainless steel 304 L & 316L. floor drains, an Italian company who produces strainers and covers in a variety of sizes ranging 8 x 8 cm to 20 x 20 cm. (ITALY)


is a Push-fit flame retardant waist & soil system, manufactured from durable Polypropylene material which can withstand domestic hot water discharge and cope with the majority of chemical and detergent.


was the first Greek company to be involved in the renewable energy sources sector, since its foundation in 1974. Until today, it still maintains its leadership in the European solar water heater market exporting 70% of its production all over the world. Sole produces solar thermal collectors, thermosyphon solar water heaters, compact solar water heaters and undertakes projects for sanitary or process hot water, room heating, pool heating and Solar Air Conditioning.


Italian pumps manufacturer founded in 1974, with a full range of Domestic, civil, commercial, light industrial, agricultural pumps.