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GF Hakan Plastik’s special patented product Silenta Waste Water Pipes and Fittings is the first and only polypropylene soundproof pipe systems in Turkey. Silenta, has a full 13-16 (3A & Premium) dB sound transmission in 4 lt and continues to be the quietest pipe produced in Turkey.
For the future, by creating ideal conditions for use, provides an excellent sound isolation. Silenta, enhances quality of life with the property value. Enjoy the silence with Silenta, which is used in the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa-Dubai Mall, the Rolex Tower, Versace Tower, Trump Tower, Sapphire…

Why Silenta?

“SILENTA, enhances quality of life with the property value”
– Superior sound insulation in DIN 4109 norm.
– Multi-layer manufacturing technology
– High resistance to corrosion and excellent resistance to chemicals
– Ease of transportation and maintenance with telescopic stowage method
– Ease of combination and installation
– %100 impermeability due to unique seal design
– Long life
– Smooth flow surface
– Flexibility
– Opportunity of production in any desired length.
– High temperature resistance (short-term 110 S04; C)
– Does not leave toxic gas during fire
– High resistance to corrosion
– Superior impact resistance even at 0 S04; C


– Silenta prevents the hearing of the noise formed by the impact of the waste in the internal surface of the pipe with high moleculer weighted special formulla and 3-layer structure.
– Special structure of Silenta reduces the vibrations on the installation system substantially. Thus, the contact noise and roaring occured as a result of the vibration inside the building is prevented.
– Also contributes to an increase in the value of the property.

Application Areas

– In every construction
– Residential, industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, offices, residences…


Technical details

 Silenta 3A 

  • Density 1.4g/cm3 to DIN 53479.
  • Structure born Noise is 16dB (A) @4l/s according to Fraunhofer Institute.
  • Thermal Expansion coefficient equals to 0.06mm/mk.
  • Tensile strength shall be 13N/mm2 .
  • Comply with the System Standards DIN4109 & DIN4102.


Silenta Premium 

  • Density 1.9g/cm3 according to DIN 53479.
  • Structure born Noise is 13dB (A) @4l/s according to Fraunhofer Institute.
  • Tensile strength shall be 13N/mm2
  • E-modulus shall be 3800N/mm2
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion equals to 0.04mm/mK.
  • Comply with System Standards of DIN4109 & DIN4102.
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