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Unidelta (Italy) manufactures cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping with excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, making it ideal for hot and cold water distribution in sanitary and heating systems.

The Unidelta PEX pipe has been specifically developed for the following applications:

  • Distribution of both hot and cold water in sanitary applications
  • Low temperature heating systems (with radiant panels)
  • High temperature heating systems (radiator systems)
  • Cooling systems with radiant panels
  • Anti-freeze and anti-snow plants

Moreover, given the numerous exceptional properties of the pipe and the respective fittings, the Unidelta PEX pipe can also be used for transporting compressed air, gaseous liquids, and a variety of chemical substances. Unidelta PEX pipe is also ideal for relining operations, thanks to its high resistance to abrasion.





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